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GØRVA C65 Deep Red Splatter
  • GØRVA C65 Deep Red Splatter

    GØRVA M45 Deep Red Splatter

    Whats better than a GØRVA? A Deep Red Splatter powdered coated GØRVA!


    GØRVA Design C65 enclosure has similar dimensions to 1590A but a bit larger for practical use. It measures 100mm [3.94"] x 45mm [1.77"] x 35 mm [1.38"] 


    • Slightly beveled top and rounded corners for high quality look. 
    • Tight fit and small gap between the enclosure and lid. 
    • Undercut boss allows more internal room for more flexible layout. 
    • Recessed bottom lid



    Please contact us if you need more than what we have available. We can do custom orders on any Prismatic Powders Colors.