We offer drilling, UV printing, and laser etching for anything from one off prototypes to full on production runs.  Below you can find information and guidelines for each process we offer.  Contact us for a quote on your pedal project(s)!

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CNC Drilling

For accuracy in the drilling process, we need measurements from the center of both the horizontal and vertical lines on the face and sides. This is visible on our templates in the form of red lines. We have received hand drawn measurements before and that is fine as well! Just make sure to give us exact measurements from center and exact size of holes to be drilled.

Powder Coating

Powder coating offers a unique and durable background for your pedal. We source the majority of our powders from Prismatic. You can view color swatches on their website, prismaticpowders.com. See something you like? Just include the swatch name and item ID on your drill and print template. Don't need powder coating? We can print on raw metal as well!

UV Printing

UV Printing produces detailed and durable graphics for your pedals. For the best outcome for your printed product, here are our art requirments:

  • Convert all fonts to outlines
  • Vector art highly preferred!
  • If art cannot be vectorized, make sure it is at least 300dpi, either jpeg, tiff, or pdf.
  • CMYK, not RGB, for better color accuracy.
  • Save as an illustrator file (.ai), editable PDF, or .eps in one of our print templates.
  • Create a white layer and CMYK layer. Merge all sub layer into one flat image.
We charge a fee of $40/hour if your artwork is in need of vectorizing.

Pedal Print and Drill Templates

You can find all of our templates for print, laser, and drilling here.

Laser Etching

Vector art is 100% required for laser etching your artwork. This can be either of the following formats: .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf (editable/preserved for illustrator editing). We charge a fee of $40/hour if your artwork is in need of vectorizing.

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